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TEL Real Estate Developer is a real estate investor that mainly operates as a developer of industrial parks and logistic centres intended to be leased to leading multinational companies entering or expanding their presence on the Polish market.

TEL also operates in the commercial and residential sector, developing real estate intended to be used as hotels, shopping centres, offices and flats.

The company makes mainly Build-to-suit investments designing, developing and leasing assets in the long-term, and the assets are designed on the basis the specific needs of its customers. It is a perfect offer for everyone who is interested in investing in Poland.

The company's customers can expand their business more readily, thanks to the Build-to-suit approach, since they are not required to invest in real estate assets instrumental to their business, while maintaining full operational control of these assets, and therefore, are able to focus their resources on the core business activities.

The company is based in the Kalisz area, an area that is strategic from the logistics point of view – since located in the centre of Poland - and is strategic from the industrial and commercial aspect – due to the area's long manufacturing tradition and the town's growth. The company owns industrial parks, real estate and land in this area which are ready to be developed for a broad range of intended uses.

The company possesses many properties to lease. In fact, the company owns and manages assets in it's portfolio which are valued at around 10 million $.

Furthermore, TEL also manages and provides all the services related to its real estate, supports multinational companies in implementing their strategies to enter and expand on the Polish market with "turnkey" projects which enable them to launch or expand their business in Poland in an extremely short period of time.

Investing in Poland with T.EL.

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