T.EL. – real estate in Poland

TEL Real Estate Developer is an innovative real estate investor that mainly operates as a developer of industrial plants and warehouses in Poland:

  • industrial parks, industrial plants and warehouses
  • hotels, retail centres, offices and apartments

TEL Real Estate Developer mainly operates according to the logic of „Build-to-suit”, building up and long term leasing plants, warehouses or commercial building designed and constructed according to the specific customers’ needs. The company deals with various kind of tenants, operating in different kind of sector and coming from various countries. TEL Real Estate Developer is able to issue appealing tailor-made proposals which will satisfy any tenants needs.

The company, developing and leasing assets in the long-term, and the assets are designed on the basis the specific needs of its customers, is a perfect offer for everyone who is interested in investing in Poland or being already there is looking to optimize his footprint.

What is more, the professional employees of TEL Real Estate Developer are able to communicated in various languages which make the rental activity truly easy.